The Art of Great Wedding Photography


As you know your wedding photos capture the memories of your big day. But the question is.Will you treasure your wedding photos and share them with pride?Or will you regret your wedding photography and hide your photos away? Let’s look at how great wedding photos gives you memories you will want to treasure over and over with great wedding photos you’ll love to share with your friends and family. Of course, great wedding photos don’t happen by accident – they need a talented wedding photographer like Zoe Rae Photography. And great camera equipment doesn’t make exciting wedding photos. Your wedding photographer creates the wedding photos that you’ll either love or regret.So what makes a great picture?

All great pictures require three key elements working together in harmony; Light, Posing and Composition. Let’s look at them.

Light: There wouldn’t be a picture without light. Photography is the art of painting with light. The quality and direction of light determine the overall feeling your wedding picture, which could be soft and romantic or strong and dramatic.How your wedding photographer is able to work with the available light or modify it, will be the overriding factor in the quality of your wedding photos.

Posing: I’m guessing you’re cringing right now. The very thought of posing is not something that appeals to most of us. It conjures up images of people being positioned with military precision. Dull regimented pictures that take hours out of your day and celebrations.Bride & groom having fun being posed for a mix of contemporary and photojournalist style wedding photos.But it doesn’t have to be that way. Posing gives you simple guidance in a choreography. Perhaps suggesting your interaction together or positioning you relative to the light. Posing can create artistic or simple fun photos. Posing also controls your expression whether thoughtful, loving or laughing. Posing is quick and doesn’t leave your wedding photography to chance.Did you know that most “reportage” photography involves an element of posing?That could simply be to ask you to walk over there, turn round and walk back holding hands and talking to each other.Your group photos can be executed quickly and efficiently; with the help of your ushers.How you’re positioned relative to the light affects your wedding photos. Will you be lit in a complimentary fashion or will you gain 5Kgs and have your dress burnt out?

Ask your wedding photographer about composition. Your wedding photos’ composition brings together the elements of light, you and your environment to create the final image.Will you be excited and drawn into your wedding photos?Will they tell your story – real or fantasy?Will your wedding photographer use differential focus to separate you from the background or will you be lost in a sea of colours and patterns?These are just a few of the factors that go into the visual design of your wedding photos. Will you find yours compelling, imaginative and varied?This is the ultimate gauge of whether you’ll love or regret your wedding photos.

Next time you view a wedding photographer’s portfolio take a moment and look a bit deeper.Are the wedding photos compelling?Would you love to share them with your friends and family?And will they generate the beautiful memories from your big day you desire?If not cross them off your list and move on to the next. You’ve then successfully completed the first step in choosing your wedding photographer!

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