How To Write A Father Of The Bride Speech


The Father of the Bride is the lucky man, who has watched his little girl grow up into a beautiful lady who is just on the verge of getting married to man, she truly loves. Therefore, it is a very emotional movement for the bride and even the father to hand over his daughter’s hand to the groom, trusting that he would give her happiness beyond belief.

From most beautiful dolls to the big sparkling solitaires, a father just wants his daughter to have the best of everything in the world. He tries his level best to safeguard and protect his daughter from the evil and takes every step in a calculative manner to safeguard his daughter’s future and happiness.

The father is a like a pillar of support to which a girl can always lean on; he is the first man who defines the term “trust” in her life. Thus, it is very essential for a father to make the wedding a perfect moment for his daughter. From the venue to the food everything is expected to be perfect. Then why not make Father of the Bride Speech perfect too?

A perfect Father of the Bride speech is not only a delight for his daughter, but also a sneak peek into the lovely father daughter relationship for the groom and the guests. It is probably the most memorable moment in the life of the daughter. It is indeed a very heart touching and sentimental.

A good Father of the Bride speech should first welcome the guests and thank them for helping him celebrate the wedding. The speech could probably mention a few hilarious moments he shared with his daughter to lighten the mood of the audience followed by the cherished moments he shared with his daughter. He must not forget to introduce the groom to the audience; making him and the bride the “star of the show”. He could even crack up a few “Father of the Bride “jokes to make the ambience happier and livelier.

Traditionally, the Father of the Bride is usually the first person to deliver a speech at a wedding or reception. Therefore, it needs to be very welcoming and inviting. It should not at all mention the fact that preparing and delivering a speech is not cup of his tea because there is no point disclosing his weakness to his guests. It should be a confident and welcoming speech followed by a toast.

However, it would be cute for a father to add up a few lines on how he came to know about her daughter’s first love, how she introduced him and how he reacted. He could also describe the thoughts ushering his mind when he first saw his daughter dressed up as a beautiful bride.

What is more important is to remember that a toast is a chance to say something witty and bring a smile to everyone. After all, weddings are all about festivities, enjoyment, new lifelong friendships and relationships. Therefore, it’s the father duty to make it memorable. At the end of the day, all a father wants is to see his daughter’s face lit up with a beautiful smile.

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