How To Get The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle


The hairstyle of the wedding according to the face shape, this knowledge is very important to you women, and especially for the bride and groom. Give that the wedding day is so special and of course must appear as beautiful and perfect from top to bottom.

In general, hairstyles that will determine what kind of hair will you wear later. But there is also for some of the bride that wants to model her wedding hair was in accordance with his wish. Before you choose to choose your hairstyle later, you should first know which hairstyle that fits with your face shapes.

1. Wedding hairstyles for round face
In order for a round face to appear proportional, add a little volume on top of the head with the hair at the top of the top. For those of you who have thin hair, you can arrange and comb hair by using the help of hair spray without aerosol purpose so that you look natural and light. Balinese henna styles typical Balinese character is also very fitting choice of you the owners face round. Then set the bun if you want to use a bun right behind your neck to give an oval face. The bun with the updo model can be the right choice to make your face look much more ovals.

2. Wedding hairstyles for square face
It is very important to remember for you women that have a square face. You can choose a hair style with a bun that is light and simple that minimal accessories or do not use too many accessories. The placement of the bun should also be located at the bottom, you should also avoid the updo model bun. To get a tapered impression, you can cover half your ears by using hair after that give a little volume of the center of the head to give the impression of a long-looking chin.

3. Wedding hairstyles for oval face
For those of you who have an oval face you are lucky enough to fit all types of hairstyles or buns, be it bun with a cluttered style or a neat style or any hairstyle. However, if you want to use a bun you should avoid a high-shaped bun. Bun with a high model can make your oval face look much longer or longer. And do not forget also to give accent bangs to cover your forehead so as not to show too oval or too long face.

4. Wedding hairstyles for oval face
For the oval face shape owner, you should avoid choosing a bun with an updo or high-volume model on your head. Such models will only make your face look more oval or long. Then give a little accent bangs to cover your forehead. you can set the front bangs or front bangs. And for bun accessories you can choose bun with round shape. If you know or get some information about the hair style of the wedding according to the face shape, it’s timing you look for inspiration ..
Good luck…

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