How To Get The Perfect Bridal Shower Cake

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We all agree that bridal showers are one of those events that under normal circumstances come only once in the lifetime of a bride. They are exciting, fun and present a rare opportunity to just let your hair down and forget all the worries in the world. Fortunately, even though they occur only once in the bride’s life, the bridal showers you can attend and organize are limitless, depending only on the number of relatives and friends you have that are single and are open to the possibility of marriage. Bridal showers are full of activities in addition to great dishes and crowning this rare occasion is the bridal shower cake. This is usually the highlight of the day and a centerpiece for the occasion.

Since it is meant to offer well wishes to the engaged couple, a bridal shower cake should be lively, innovative in design and should match the theme colors of the bridal shower. You can go about presenting the perfect bridal shower cake in two ways.

A home baked bridal shower cake is relatively east to pull off. After the cake is baked, apply the base frosting with a butter knife. White is usually the icing color of a traditional bridal shower cake, but if you like adventure, you can experiment with different colors, as long as they reflect the mood of the occasion. Use an applicator to ice the different theme related colors to the edges of the cake, and try to be original and create some unique designs. Apply gel icing on the top of the bridal shower cake with a special message for the bride and groom and let your artwork be neat and nicely designed. Use monograms of the couples names to give it a personal touch and finally press in some hard or soft chocolate to give it some texture. Finally, present the cake with a colorful ribbon around it.

This is the second option which involves ordering a custom made cake from a bakery. Your work entails designing of the bridal shower cake and choosing the ingredients, then presenting the concept to the baker. In designing the cake, try and match it with the preferences of the bride. If the bride loves shopping, you can order for a cake shaped like a pair of high heels or a classy handbag just as long as the cake is feminine and if possible, can humorously relate to the bride. You can ask the baker to include intricate icing designs on the cake to give it an elegant dynamic feel to allocate the bridal shower cake as the centerpiece of the room for that day.

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