How To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring


The hard part’s done. You’ve got the girl, which is the trickiest (and most important) part of starting your happily-ever-after story. And she’s been dropping blatant hints for quite a while now about what her answer is likely to be if you ever pop the big question. You have a lot of planning and secret keeping ahead as you plan the perfect setting for asking her to marry you. It’s got to be something special to the two of you, something memorable that she can share with her girlfriends and you can later tell your children about. But even as you contemplate how you want to propose, a bigger issue is weighing on your mind. You still need to get the ring.

This is going to be a little trickier. Again, your girl loves surprises so you wouldn’t dream of asking her to pick it out. But, you know that this is one thing you can’t afford to mess up. So, as you step out your door next Saturday morning as a hopeful, prospective Pittsburgh jewelry buyer, keep these things in mind.

Budget, Size, and Style

There are a few things you should have prepared before you start searching for the ring. Perhaps most important, you need to establish a budget. A budget will help the jeweler show you what types of rings are in your price range. Although the engagement ring is supposed to symbolize your love, be wary about going into debt to buy an expensive ring. Many women would prefer to start their married life with a smaller ring and completely debt-free. Also, find out your girlfriend’s ring size before buying the ring. You can probably get one of her girlfriend’s to swipe one of her rings for you. Finally, make sure you have a good idea of what types of rings your girlfriend would appreciate. What type and color of jewelry does she wear? If she has a special necklace or ring that she wears, discretely ask her about it and what she likes about it. Think of her personality. Would a big, flashy ring compliment her best, or would a more modest ring fit her lifestyle better?

Explore Your Options

Now that you’re a prospective jewelry buyer, you need to explore your options. You may want to go to a couple of the nearest jewelry stores to get an idea of what types of rings are available that fit your price range. Next, you can stop by pawn shops to see if they have anything that would match your girlfriend’s style. Although diamonds are traditionally the main stone in an engagement ring, consider buying a ring with a different type of stone. Many beautiful, and perhaps cheaper, rings are made out of other precious stones than diamonds. Finally, before deciding on the ring, you may want to search for rings online. You may be surprised to find cheaper deals online than in the traditional jewelry stores.

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