Fun Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Reception Decorations

Yes of course, we all know – a wedding is supposed to be a way to celebrate with friends and family, the occasion of two people uniting in love forever. We all think of that (briefly, to be certain) as we make our way to the reception area for the real reason we’re there – the food, the drinks, the dancing and the flirting. Come to think of it, the fun of the reception is the main reason most guests come to a wedding. And so, to any couple that’s getting married, doing up the reception area should be top priority. That’s the place everyone is going to pay the most attention to. These ideas for cheap wedding reception decorations should help.

Fairy lights aren’t just supposed to be decorations you only use around Christmas. These days, there are plenty of people who decorate their back porch or their yard with twinkly white Christmas lights all year round. There is no reason you couldn’t use these for as cheap wedding reception decorations, too. You could string them high up on the walls, decorate tables and furniture with them –you could practically do anything with these.

The seat covers used for every chair in the reception area cost something. There’s something you could do that could make up for the absence of seat covers and make things look far more festive than anything ordinary. Just get a wide, brightly coloured ribbons to tie into and beautiful bows around the back of each chair. Round your friends up to get this done, and you’ll end up with hundreds of beautiful red those all over the reception area. The effect could be spectacular.

Do you realise that you could turn you could actually actual snacks into table decorations? Who says a wedding reception is to be all about formal food? Get large glass jars of every kind of sweetie you can imagine, and leave them around. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t feel a lot happier just to see brightly coloured candy?

If even these ideas for cheap wedding reception decorations seem that too expensive, there are things you could do that could help you get away with doing practically nothing at all while you still get credit for a great well decked-out reception. The Craighaar Hotel is the perfect location for a dream wedding, it looks great and has an extensive food & drinks menu ensuring you receive your fairytale day!

For instance, how does the idea of having a spring garden reception grab you? When you’re out in a beautiful a garden for an outdoors reception, you don’t even have to do anything to look festive. Nature does it all for you with thousand blooms and fresh-looking foliage everywhere. To cut down on your catering expenses, try a beautifully arranged picnic. With picnic baskets around, you’ll never believe how much fun your guests will have.

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