How did you guys meet?


“We actually met in Drivers Ed, back in high school! One day our teacher was late to class, so my (now) husband and his friend got up to “teach” the class themselves. You can say he was sort of a class clown. He had all of us laughing hysterically, and I remember asking myself how I didn’t know this guy before! After that, we became best friends and even went to prom together at the end of the year. It wasn’t until five years later, though, that we finally started dating!”


How did you know Frank was “the one”?


“Geez, I think part of me always knew. After that Driver’s Ed class, we both started developing feelings for each other, but we were scared to admit it. He swears I friend-zoned him for years, which may sort of have been the truth! But after high school, we kept in touch and stayed friends. Eventually, we admitted our feelings to each other, but the timing had always been wrong. It wasn’t until years later that we met…

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