5. Maximize Food Options

Since you’ll only be having a few guests, you might want to make the food as exquisite as much as possible. One of the few things that your guests would remember at your wedding is how good the food was. With this, you may want to make them taste the best food there could ever be.

To achieve a flavourful menu and dish, you should look and hire the best chef and catering option in your area. In this way, you can ensure that they’ll be having the best brunch or dinner and would be coming home with a satisfied stomach.

Moreover, you can also add any type of food station that you’d like. You can include a food truck, pastry, ice cream, taco, or popcorn station and allow your guests to enjoy every option they could have. Nothing feels better than receiving compliments from people close to you about how great the food was at your wedding.


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