Before we get started, I should tell you: If you’re planning a wedding on a holiday weekend, you’re not going to like this post. I mean, it’s titled “why you shouldn’t get married on a holiday weekend” for a reason, not for irony.

There’s not going to be a sentence at the end of this that says, “but it’s your wedding, so you do you.” Because I don’t believe that.

I’m super opinionated on this. Getting married on a holiday weekend is one of my five wedding pet peeves.

The other four? A Friday wedding, no favors at the wedding, when the bridesmaids keep constantly fiddling with the bride’s veil during the ceremony, and having a buffet instead of a sit down dinner.  

Anyway. You might be thinking this is just a wedding blog, written by a random person on the internet who you’ve never met. But I assure you, other people have this same opinion. They just won’t vocalize it. They’ll say it’s your wedding; they’ll say you do you; but deep down, they’ll be hoping you change your mind.


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