They are actually speaking truth, and as a fellow planner, I thought I’d share our success with email marketing as a heartfelt encouragement to YOU.

Our email list has been the most intimate, successful way to connect with our tribe (aka potential clients). It’s so much fun to share our wins, planning advice and follow up with potential clients via email.  Because, whether we admit it or not, we are all skimmin that inbox. Am I right?!  And email has the ability to connect with potential clients in an authentic, yet subtle way.

What’s been even better for our team, has been automating the email process, with a simple and short email sequence when a potential client inquires.  It’s given us the peace of mind that someone is not going to slip through the cracks, while also keeping us top of mind with potential clients.

Because sometimes life gets busy and a potential client goes MIA for a week, or two, OR more.  AND, because wedding season is grueling, and who…

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