For the month of June, we asked our Photobug Community to share silhouette photos with us for this month’s challenge, and they’re stunning. From glass-stained windows to sunset skies, these images truly capture the shadows of love. Not to quote Ed Sheeran or anything, but we’re in love with the Shape of You photos from our Facebook Photobug Community. Scroll down and get ready to fall in love with the beautiful silhouette photos.

Get Featured In The Next Month’s Photo Challenge

A huge thank you to our Facebook Photobug Community for sharing the shape of you with us! Want to get in on the fun next month? Be sure to join the Facebook Photobug Community and watch out for our photo challenge announcement. We’ll be announcing it on July 1st, 2021, so stay tuned. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration in challenges, the top pictures of the month, or even business advice, we’ve got you covered.

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