Do you recall the last time an image abruptly stopped you in your tracks? Fine-art photography so visually and emotionally powerful that it demanded that you pause and consider it? What about a song? A painting? Even a meal? I’ll never forget the first time that I stood in front of one of the immense red paintings of Mark Rothko. It felt as though it reached out and grabbed my soul. I get chills recalling the moment.

The elements that impact us the most in fine-art photography are often extraordinarily simple, but what they lack in complexity they make up for in bold points of view. They demand a reaction of some kind, for better or worse. Edward Weston created what to me is one of the greatest fine-art photographs ever made. His subject matter for this image was a bell pepper in a bowl.

Meaningful and impactful, art doesn’t have to be complicated. Such is the case with famed fine-art photographer Edward Weston’s classic image circa 1930…

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