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My favorite color, for my entire life, has been purple. So when I was picking our wedding colors, it was a no brainer. I wanted eggplant, and I’d add in lilac and silver just because you’re really supposed to pick a trio of colors instead of one.

I wanted my girls to wear champagne-colored dresses — and then I realized that if my color scheme was purple, their dresses should be purple. Pete didn’t care, just as long as I didn’t pick black.

These are all the little things that you have to decide. No one comes up you and says, “These are your wedding colors. Here are dresses for the bridesmaids and matching ties for the groomsmen.” But once you finally do decide on the women, it makes picking items for the men easier.

Some of those items, you can actually give as gifts. I actually think wearable groomsman gifts are great ideas, especially if the gift is something they can wear on the wedding day and in the future.

Wearable Groomsman Gifts are such a great idea, especially if you choose items that can be worn after your wedding. Get the best ideas here.

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