Wedding season is officially here and I  found the freshest trends for your aisle! Many 2021 weddings have been breaking all the rules and showing us brand new ways to decorate our wedding with flowers. I’ve poured over some of those weddings featuring FiftyFlowers couples as well as pulling in some new styles from the best of the best designers in the wedding industry. Your aisle is only a moment of your wedding, but its design is one that sets the tone for the exchange of your vows. 


Keep scrolling to see this years must have aisle decor!



  • Fluffy Babies Breath Only!

“Walking on a dream” vibes right here. These fluffy clouds of babies breath are giving these aisles some romantic and easy to DIY realness. How smart is the second designer to poke the stems directly into the sand? These Babies Breath Garlands make it even easier.



  • Big Arrangements Down The Entire Aisle

The wedding boom is on, and couples are showing that in these large, dramatic seating…

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