Modern, sexy, and fashion-forward are the names of the game this season! The sexiest wedding dresses of 2021 are almost too hot to handle. From floating, tattoo lace sleeves to deep plunge necklines, we’re showing you three hot wedding trends from the spring collection lineup that are sure to blow your mind! And how to achieve that perfect look.

The “Melt Into Your Skin” Illusion 

You know the phrase, “Made just for you?” That’s exactly what this hot wedding dress trend accomplishes! The “melt into your skin” illusion style gives you that ‘barely there’ coverage and is all the rage right now.  To get the look, you’ll have to find a nude mesh that blends effortlessly into your skin, allowing the dress to feel like it’s part of you. Just like foundation, getting a near-perfect match is pivotal to achieve this hot wedding trend. 

Here’s how our current nude mesh colors look on different skintones. Ask your store to see samples during your…

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