Getting married in 2021 comes with a new set of rules, information, and expectations. These weddings are unique because unlike any other year, there are more couples than ever getting married. The wedding industry has become inundated with more business and that’s because there are now two years worth of couples queued up, ready to tie the knot. This has created a trend cycle, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. So if you’re in the throes of wedding planning, or a professional in the industry trying to understand what to expect, I’ve done the research to show you the biggest trend in flowers this year.


Let’s dive into what we will be seeing trending this year and why. 


Flower Trends

Traditional, un-traditional, non-seasonal, and flowers not normally popular in certain geographical locations are what we can expect to see trending in weddings in 2021. Expect the unexpected! Traditions will be honored as well as reimagined.

What does that look like?


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