Having a loved one officiate your wedding in Puerto Rico

Sometimes it seems as if everyone’s a wedding officiant these days. It’s easy to be ordained online, and many states allow such online credentials for legal purposes for signing and registering marriages. Puerto Rico does not. We often hear from couples who would like to have a loved one officiate their legal wedding in Puerto Rico. It’s possible, but not at all recommended. Here’s why.


Certification by the Puerto Rican government

First, for an officiant to sign and register Puerto Rican marriage certificates, she must be certified by the Puerto Rican government. While it’s technically possible for a non-resident to obtain such certification, it’s not easy and we do not recommend it. Puerto Rican bureaucracy can be maddening (it’s the price we pay for living in paradise!), and the simplest of tasks require multiple visits to government offices, with ever-changing arbitrary requirements. 

Non-resident officiants

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