In these times of uncertainty on whether we’ll be able to celebrate weddings, some of you may want to plan an intimate gathering at home to mark the occasion. You may not be able to get your big day with all your friends and family but you can still plan for a wonderful experience.

It’s hard to get the news on the situation in France when you’re not in the country but you may have watched President Macron’s interview on CBS News last Sunday 18th April saying that he is looking forward to opening the country for tourism this summer. With big efforts on the vaccination front, hopefully, we should in a better position very soon!

Today, we are going to the South West of France with Awardweddings, long standing supporters of French Wedding Style. Husband and wife team, Mark & Clémentine will take us through this lovely little wedding they planned, styled and photographed.

Why organize an intimate wedding and not wait for the big day?

Blue Themed Wedding

DSC 5048

DSC 5051

DSC 5084

DSC 5093

You may have postponed your wedding…

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