Hello! I am Kayleigh, a 27 year old wedding enthusiast with big dreams and even bigger hair. I am an avid reader, lover of all things ‘extra’ and a massive ABBA fan.

I got engaged in 2017 and have been slowly planning my wedding ever since. I am currently settled with my 28 year old partner, Sam, in Manchester.

I’m a manager of a casework team at a Regulator, Sam also works at the same organisation. It’s not the most exciting sounding job but it comes with the added bonus of a few extra days holiday entitlement when you get married.

How did you meet?

Although we have some mutual friends, we started talking properly after matching on a Tinder. This seems to be the case for a lot of our friends and some family (Sam’s brother married his tinder sweetheart three years ago).

How did the proposal happen?

To propose, Sam took me to my favourite spot in Manchester (Werneth Low which is part of the Pennines and has a view over the entire city) just as the sun was setting. After he…

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