Hey, lady. Did you just get engaged? Let us see your ring. It’s fabulous! We know one of the things probably on your mind is what you are going to wear—even though there’s lots of planning to do, figuring out (or at least getting an idea of) your dress is too exciting to not dive into first!

Before you Google your local bridal boutique and tap ‘call,’ we’ve got some tips to make the whole experience as stress-free, fun, and effective as possible:


Wear undergarments that don’t embarrass you.

Seriously. At most bridal boutiques, a lovely salesperson will be helping you into each and every gown, which means you’ll be in your drawers with someone you just met. This may sound awkward, but, believe us, it’s not that bad. Bridal shop girls have the giving-you-space-while-being-in-your-space thing down. After the first dress you try on, you’ll totally forget you’re half-naked. We promise.

Wear your hair like you’re going to brunch.

You know how…

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