We often hear from couples who have never been to Puerto Rico and automatically make plans to stay in San Juan, the big city on our island. And we understand. If one refers to the official government and tourism websites, or Google in general, it’s easy to gravitate to the place with all the big hotels and high-rises. But we always say that to stay in San Juan instead of other places on the island is a bit like staying in Miami instead of the Keys, or Virginia Beach instead of the Outer Banks, or Manhattan instead of the Hamptons. For those who love city life, sure, book a hotel or an AirBnb in a condo building in San Juan and enjoy easy access to restaurants and nightlife. But for others, here are a few reasons to enjoy other parts of the island and not stay in San Juan.


# 5 Fall asleep to the sound of the waves, instead of traffic

We love to visit, but it’s important to know that San Juan is a city, with city noises, traffic, and pollution. Because of that, we recommend not…

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