Featured Location: Playa Princesa


Just down the hill from the town square of the picturesque western Puerto Rico town of Isabela, Playa Princesa is a stunning and isolated beach surrounded by dramatic rock formations. Playa Princesa, or “Princess Beach”, sits at the end of the road and serves as the entry to a long stretch of deserted beach not accessible by car, home to some of the last untouched sand dunes on the island. 

If you are looking for an Isabela, Puerto Rico wedding venue where you’ll feel like the last two people on earth, then Playa Princesa is the place for you. One of the less-traveled beaches in Puerto Rico (indeed, locals don’t even know of it), it’s home to large, stunning tide pools that make for beautiful, dramatic wedding pictures. We recommend including drone photography that captures this one-of-a-kind wedding venue as your backdrop. With its dramatic cliffs and bright blue water, Playa Princesa is a gorgeous Isabela, Puerto Rico wedding venue.

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