Dresses | February 19, 2021

So many widely-known phrases, traditions, and practices originate from Black cultures, but the origination is not widely known. By sharing and amplifying Black voices and stories, we can truly see how intertwined our cultures are…and also how important Black culture is in the overall influence of our society. Read on to hear some of our favorite stories from black brides!

Dress: Tuscany Lane by Maggie Sottero

Wedding Tradition:

Everyone know the phrase “tying the knot,” right? Well its not so widely known that it originated from an age-old African ritual! This ceremony features a bride and groom with their wrists ties together, either using a Kente cloth, a string of cowrie shells, or another material. The couple then share their vows in front of the officiant, who ties the knot in the rope for them, confirming their commitment to each other and their marriage.

Photographer: @lovelylight_imagery

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