Willow Bridal Collection


Whether you are a bride looking for the dress of your dreams, a second look for your big day, or searching for two gowns for your weddings (one in 2020 and one in 2021), you want to take a look at Kelly Faetanini Wedding Dresses 2021 Willow Collection.

Last week we hosted a Bridal Styling party with Kelly Faetanini to reveal all the gorgeous pieces from her new collection. From amazing capes and gorgeous boleros that complement her simple and chic gowns to the oh-so-classic Kelly look; the ombre ball gown (hello, Peony!). Our good friend Christina Castonguay from LuxeBrideGuide joined the party to bring her perspective as a bridal stylist, and as always, it was so insightful. If you couldn’t attend the party in person, don’t worry! You can catch the replay of the event below.


And now that you see the infinite possibilities to mix and match Kelly’s gorgeous pieces. Let’s…

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