Tips and Trends | October 28, 2020

About to be engaged and looking for your meant-to-be engagement ring? First off, congrats! While shopping for a ring can be exciting, it can also feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined some top tips from our diamond experts. Keep scrolling to see what to consider when buying an engagement ring and wedding band, so you can find a ring that perfectly matches your style, budget, and timeline!

First things first: set your budget.

PC: Klaire Dixius Photography

Are you and your S.O. easily persuaded to go above budget? If so, prepare to be firm while buying an engagement ring. Or, simply plan to spend more than you originally budgeted, as your salesperson will often try to push you to go higher. Factor things like the metal, setting, and carat weight into your budget, so you know what things you’re willing to sacrifice in order to get the things you truly want in your ring.

Decide if you’re buying new or used.

A used…

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