Beach weddings are the perfect mix of elegance and exotic. Vowing your love for your new spouse in front of your loved ones while the surf crashes in the background is a simply splendid and remarkable experience.

Not to mention, the scenery isn’t lacking for beauty, especially if you’re planning your ceremony to coincide with the sunset. Nothing beats beach sunsets.

That said, your jewelry can help you make a statement that rivals the scene where you’re tying the knot. The trouble is deciding which jewelry pieces to wear — there are so many options! If you need help choosing, check out our guide for jewelry for every type of beach wedding. Let’s dive in!

Low Key Beach Wedding

A low-key beach wedding is perfect for those couples that want an intimate wedding at a beautiful venue. There’s not much fuss and even less frill, but these weddings are often the ones that are unforgettable.

That said, a low-key beach wedding pairs well with understated, yet elegant jewelry…

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