About ten years ago, God brought a gift into our life: our little brother, Musa.

He moved in with Jordan’s parents when he was thirteen and became part of the Demos Family. At the time, we were in our early twenties, still newly married, teaching elementary school together and building our photography business on nights and weekends.

When Mu entered our life, so did his best friend Jackson (Jackie!!! for those who know him). Mu and Jackie were an inseparable duo. Two peas in a pod. Like Batman and Robin. Where one went, the other was. They were always at each other’s side and always had each other’s back. It was rare and sweet. Everyone –– especially in middle school –– deserves a friend like that.

For a few years in high school, Jackie moved in with Jordan’s parents, too.

Because, sometimes, when it rains blessings, it pours. It was really like we got two new family members!

Jackie spent holidays with us and survived his fair share of Demos Family dinners. Think,…

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