Today is the last day of National Hispanic Heritage Month and we are bringing you one more installment of Latinx wedding vendors and Hispanic Wedding traditions to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Latinos and Latinas and our diverse and dynamic community. But don’t worry, just because HHM is over we won’t stop celebrating our beautiful culture with a mix of all things glamour weddings that you follow us for.


Our Favorite Latinx Wedding Traditions


Latin Wedding Tradition 1: “El Lazo”

One of my favorite traditions is “ El Lazo.” El Lazo is a unity ceremony performed after the exchange of vows. An important pair of people place a “lasso” around the couple in figure-eight symbolizing the unity between them.


Latin Wedding Tradition 2: “La Hora Loca”

My second favorite tradition is “La Hora Loca” (or the crazy hour). It’s a party within a party in the late hours of the…

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