Bridal Shower Planning Introduction

Planning a bridal shower is a lot of fun but can feel like a lot of work, especially if you’ve never planned one before. Several details go into making the bride’s special day magical, and it can be daunting trying to keep track of everything – or even knowing where to begin!

If you’re tasked with planning a bridal shower for a bride you love, don’t worry! Consider this your ultimate bridal shower planning guide, walking you through the whole process step by step. Keep this guide on hand through the entire planning process, from start to finish, and you’ll be just fine. It’ll be a piece of [wedding] cake!

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bridal shower planning.

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Who Hosts a Bridal Shower?

Chances are if you’re reading this guide, it’s you!

On a serious note, bridal showers are traditionally planned and hosted by the maid (or matron) of honor, with some…

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