Why did we decide to have a photoshoot?

Because love has no color, ethnicity, or religious belief, love is the deepest and most passionate sentiment. Humans create boundaries, while love breaks themMarilyn Signature Event and Ma Chérie Bleue embraced the “The Love in the City” project to support the black lives matter movement. We have always felt that the wedding industry needed to be inclusive and demonstrate diversity. 2020 has been challenging in many ways. Importantly we have learned racial discrimination of any kind will no longer be tolerated. And what better way to do so, aligning a realm of artists and professionals from the black community and allowing them to show the beauty and talent that lies in our community.

How could we demonstrate this togetherness and passion that unites us every day?

We decided to put together a high-end photoshoot collaborating with some of the best black-owned businesses in Montreal.

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