1 Carat diamond rings

A 1-carat diamond ring can be achieved in different ways. For example, a diamond cluster, or three-stone ring will be a very different size to a single 1.00ct diamond solitaire ring.

The shape of the diamond will also affect the physical size. For example, the Marquise cut has a longer axis compared to the width and provides a completely different ratio of size to the round brilliant cut.

1 carat marquise diamond ring


Example of a 1 Carat Marquise diamond ring. Marquise diamond engagement rings

Gaining a better idea of the physical size of a diamond ring is much easier when a ring is seen in the flesh.

Where this is not possible photographs are a great alternative.

Finding the perfect setting for a 1-carat diamond

With so many ring designs and styles available it can be very tricky to work out which style will be best for a 1-carat diamond. Traditionally, we see Round Brilliant diamonds set into simple 6 claw ring settings.

However, this shouldn’t be a setting…

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