How often do you repurpose wedding photos and videos? Is it a once-a-month undertaking when you run out of ideas, or a weekly process of integrating content across your blog, social media, and email marketing?

If you can nod yes to the latter, you’re on the right track. Repurposing content, especially your wedding photos and videos, is the best way to promote your work online. You’ll create less content from scratch, save precious time, and attract new clients by sharing your work in additional formats.

Need some non-typical ways to get started? Here are eight tips to create more content using the photos and videos you already have.

photo by Petrichor and Pine

1. Update and Reshare Older Posts on Your Photography Blog

Blog posts are a gold mine when it comes to repurposing content. You can share them across the web as often as you want, and they’re crucial for getting discovered on Google.

However, there are rules to the SEO game. Before you can make…

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