New at Serendipity Diamonds – Ashes Rings

We recently introduced the Ashes Ring at Serendipity Diamonds. We create several different designs with the opportunity to fully customise the ring with additional effects.

The process to create an Ashes Ring takes just five simple steps.

What is an ‘Ashes’ Ring?

The Ashes Ring seals ashes from cremation within the structure of a solid Titanium band. Many of our clients have requested this service following the loss of a friend, relative or pet.

At first, we hesitated before we decided to offer this service. Following the demand for our memorial fingerprint rings, Ashes Rings were the next step.

Each Ashes Ring features an inner Titanium sleeve with a cut channel to hold Ashes. The Ashes are bonded in resin and applied within the channel. We seal an outer sleeve around the inner section to complete the ring. Finally, we apply an optional engraving, pattern or a combination of both to the ring.

Ashes Rings in 4…

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