Moissanite now available across the Serendipity Diamonds jewellery collection

Have you heard of Moissanite? Well, earlier this month, we introduced an exciting new Starlight Moissanite gemstone option for jewellery.

Starlight Moissanite fits perfectly into our ethical jewellery designs—available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

2 carat moissanite

2-carat Starlight Moissanite 8.5mm in diameter (Photo credit: author) 

But why choose Moissanite over a diamond?

To answer this question, you must consider the benefits of Moissanite. Moreover, without going into the science of Silicon Carbide (keeping things simple) the benefits include:

Durability. Moissanite offers a tough, hardwearing gemstone similar to diamond.

Sparkle. With a higher refractive index (sorry—some science) to diamond, Moissanite sparkles with intensity and more fire than a diamond.

Affordability. Moissanite is cheaper than diamond (including natural or lab-grown diamond options.

Ethical. Synthetic…

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