We love working with our LGBT couples; one of our favorite parts is seeing the gay wedding looks. So many possibilities of dresses and suits and fashion. Like all our couples, we always advise that the most important thing is to be true and authentic to yourselves and your personality. (Second most important: be comfortable!). Here are a few of our favorite gay wedding looks, from a sporty shorts matching look, to vintage Victorian wedding gowns.

Kerry & Millie’s Elopement at Swallows’ Pool

#5 Kerry & Millie had a dressy yet classic wedding look, with Millie rocking a vintage-esque gown and Kerry sporting her version of a suit.

Five Gay Wedding Looks We Love

Javier & Rickey’s Wedding at Puerto Hermina

#4 Javier & Rickey both work at Tommy Hilfiger … can you tell? We think they could be cover models for Tommy Hilfiger’s summer catalog set at the seashore!

Five Gay Wedding Looks We Love

Holly & Christina’s Vintage Wedding at Puerto Hermina

#3 Holly & Christina chose to wear authentic vintage Victorian lace wedding dresses loaned to them…

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