Re-making a ring:  a guide to the cost

The cost of re-making a ring depends on the type of ring being re-made. In addition, the cost of materials used for the new ring. Due to the varying types of ring, the possibilities are endless. Here we’ll concentrate on two alternatives—remaking an engagement ring and re-making a wedding ring. Finally, we’ve added a further example, remaking an eternity ring with a short video clip of the design.

Remaking a badly damaged engagement ring

If you intend to have your engagement ring re-made, we can re-use your existing gemstones. In addition, we can factor in the existing precious metal.

Remaking a diamond engagement ring in Palladium

Example of a Palladium engagement ring, badly damaged. The new ring is shown on the right after a complete re-build in the original design, which included re-setting the original diamond. The final cost of any such work is off-set against the scrap metal of the original ring mount. Price guide $550 USD for the re-made ring including…

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