Ever since we had our first baby, we love hearing other people’s birth stories –– because every one is so unique and different!

In this episode, we’re sharing ALL THE DETAILS from the birth of our firstborn son, Beckett, and not holding anything back. It was an experience we’ll NEVER forget!

Here’s a preview of what we’re talking about…

• Where we were and what we were doing when labor started

• Why we chose a birth center (with a midwife and doula) instead of a hospital

• In detail, what it looks like to labor unmedicated for 20 hours together, not hooked up to anything except each other 🙂

• When Jordan broke down and cried… and why

• The moment Amy almost gave up because she didn’t think she could do it

• How Beckett was born, and what we did in those first hours afterward

• The one thing we would tell EVERY first time parent trying to choose the right care for them 

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