Are you interested in learning how to create affordable DIY wedding centerpieces? Whether you use these bud vases as your centerpieces or as a gift, this bud vase tutorial may be the answer for you.

Anyone can recreate this look as it doesn’t require a ton of floral design experience. This colorful arrangement would be perfect for adding pops of bold, vibrant color. Place at your sign-in table or tie gift tags around the bottles and use them as your favors!

Keep reading to learn exactly how to create this look, beautifully captured by Tori of Marvelous Things Photography.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Prep Your Bud Vases

bud vases filled with water

Start by filling up your bud vases with fresh, cool water.

Tip: Ranunculus can have naturally wavy stems, so to keep them standing upright as much as possible, make sure you hydrate them in a vase that comes up higher than the blooms.

2. Cut the Stems

ranunculus in bud vases

Cut the stems to the desired height. Then pop one bloom (or a bloom and a bud) in each vase.

3. Place…

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