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As social distancing continues to limit the ability to complete your wedding planning checklist, it can be hard to stay motivated. Why not give yourself a much-deserved break and organize a wedding movie night with a few of your best gals? You can connect via video chat app such as FaceTime or Zoom, and watch at the same time, or recap your fave parts afterward— think movie club! Not sure where to start? Prepare for a night of inspiration and fun with these Amazon Prime Video selects.

1. The Wedding Year

Grab your pinot and get ready to belly laugh. We love how relatable this movie is. Sarah Hyland shines as Mara, a 27-year-old who’s terrified of commitment until she meets her match in Preston (Keith David). The two test their new relationship while they attend seven weddings… in a year.

2. Four Weddings and a Funeral 

You know a movie is truly iconic when it gets a modern adaptation. Maybe it’s the dynamic between Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie…

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