Graham will never remember this time in history. The only thing he may notice is that Evy had 40 people at her first birthday party and he’ll probably have 10… MAX…. because that’s the guideline right now. I hope our families will be able to get together to celebrate his first year but if not, I know we’ll find a fun way to celebrate with just us.

Graham has come out of his shell this month!!!! Here are some things that I want to remember from his 11th month of life! :

  • You have become VOCAL! Very vocal. If you’re mad, we know it. Up until now, you have been pretty reserved and quiet! Your SCREECH is pretty piercing but at least you’re cute!
  • You’re crawling FAST on all fours!
  • You’re standing for about 3 seconds without falling over!
  • You’re EATING REAL FOOD FINALLY!!!!! Praise the LORD!!! I took you to an ENT this month because I was convinced that something was wrong. You wouldn’t swallow and you refused almost everything. But something shifted this month…

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