At this point, we’ve heard it over a dozen times. Stay inside, and do your part to flatten the curve. It’s a new guideline to help decrease the number of global coronavirus cases, which has gone from nearly non-existent, at least in most people’s minds, to more than 630,000 seemingly overnight.

Even so, communities are still split on how to handle this reality, especially business owners. In a time where we should be practicing social distancing, how close is too close? And how far can entrepreneurs go to make money during a pandemic?

Before we can answer that, we first have to talk about “front porch sessions,” a new trend that brings photographers within a few feet of a client’s doorstep.

In this creative workaround, photographers come to a client’s home and shoot them from a distance on their property – through windows, glass doors, or on porches. Originally called the Front Steps Project, this movement began in Massachusetts, but it’s spreading everywhere….

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