So you’ve decided to launch your wedding business, congratulations!

I’m super excited for this week’s BLOVEDBiz post as it takes me right back to the beginning of my own wedpreneur journey!

Even though it was nearly 10 years ago, the memory of making the decision to launch B.LOVED is still as clear as anything, and I still get excited when up and coming wedding pros get in touch to tell me their plans (I’d love to hear yours, drop me an email!)

Mere weeks after my own wedding I started toying with the idea of launching my own wedding blog (back in 2011 there weren’t many!) and I met up with another blogger based in London for some advice. She’s now one of my best business buddies, and the advice she gave me so freely that day inspired and helped me launch my own business empire, so today I want to pay it forward with my top tips for launching your wedding business.


Launching your first business is exciting – I get it! But before you launch your…

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