Today’s Why I Love this Wedding Photo extract is from Scott and Alison’s amazing Bucks Wedding last year.

On several occasions over my 12-year wedding photography career, the wedding planner or venue manager has informed me that we will do a “mock cutting of the cake so you can get some nice pictures”

Each time I reply with the same thing; “It’s OK, I’ll photograph it in real-time as the couple cut the cake”.

I have no idea why a staged cutting of the cake is a still a “thing”, it is always better in my mind, as a documentary wedding photographer, to shoot it as it happens.

It the vast majority of cases, everything goes to plan of course, but in some cases, a little helping in hand is needed.

Or two hands, as was the case for Scott and Allison who’s cake would have been toast without those hands.

I hope you like this wedding picture. I do.

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