Sometimes you just need something to brighten your day. It might be a cute dog photo, a great pun or some seriously witty banter. Whatever it may be, we have the list for you! Check out the best that Instagram has to offer with these pages. Your feed will thank us!


I mean really, need we say more? It’s a page…about dogs…cute, funny, adorable, amazing dogs. Seriously, follow this one!


This page shared one of our favourite videos ever. Please see below. Then please go to the page and enjoy hours of scrolling. YOU’RE WELCOME!

The Celebrity Jackpot…

If you are looking for some celebrity hilarity, then you’ve come to the right place! This page lets you witness the best and funniest celebrity comments. Of course, there are many appearances from our queen, Chrissy Teigen.


Dude with sign…the real MVP. The perfect way to get the message out there. What a legend!

Doggos 2.0…

What’s better than Man With Sign? That’s right, its Dog With Sign! JUST LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!

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