I don’t know when wine wedding favors started getting popular, but wine favors are all the rage. We have a collection of wine glass favors in our cabinets, so many that we almost didn’t need to add wine glasses to our registry.

They’re one of the few favors that you can assure your guests will take at the end of the night. They’re reusable, which makes guests happy, and cost effective, which makes the couple happy. Everyone wins.

Plus today, February 18, is National Drink Wine Day, which sounds like a good excuse to update this wine wedding favors post.

We cover everything from wine markers to wine glasses in this post. For actual wine, you’ll have to worry about that on your own. If you’re not into wine, though, the markers can translate over to other beverages. They’re a lot classier than writing on a cup with a Sharpie.

And speaking of other beverages, don’t forget our post about the morning mimosa bar that I put together for my bridesmaids before the wedding. I used

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