Why are Rose Gold engagement rings and Rose Gold wedding rings more popular than ever before?

four claw twist sway rose gold engagement ring
Rose gold engagement ring created entirely in rose gold with a four claw twist

The trend for increased demand for Rose Gold.

This year, demand for Rose Gold engagement rings and wedding rings has soared. Moreover, we have completed more commissions in this metal choice than ever before. Sometimes called Pink Gold or Red Gold, Rose Gold makes a wonderful choice for diamond jewellery.

Rose gold engagement ring Atlantis set with a Marquise cut diamond

Atlantis reveals a floating Marquise cut diamond held in a tension setting in Rose Gold

In addition, we stock other more affordable jewellery styles in our showroom, also made in Rose Gold.

18 carat Rose Gold vs 9 carat Rose Gold

Compare 9 carat and 18 carat Rose Gold and you will no doubt see a difference in colour. 9 carat Rose Gold tends to be darker and more coppery by comparison. The higher Gold content of 18 carat gives it a lighter colour. For this reason, we recommend 18 carat Rose…

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