Since today is National Love Your Pet Day, it seemed like a good time to remind you of this How To Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day post.

Admit it: If you have a pet, it’s basically your child.

I don’t think people are ever crazy about pets until they actually get a pet. Oh, sure, your family may have pets when you’re growing up, but until you have your own pet, you don’t become that person. You know, the one who talks to their pet like a human, spoiling it like a child.

I think that’s just what happens when you have a pet and no children. So of course, if you’re a pet parent, you may be wondering how to include your dog in your wedding. Or your cat. Or your iguana. Whatever you like. It’s your big day.

How To Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day

1. Take photos with your pet.
This one is easy … unless your pet is scared of people. Imagine your bridesmaids, your parents, and you getting ready on the morning of my wedding. Consider them, plus hair…

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