As soon as I got engaged, one of my mom’s best friends told me she had a few bridal magazines for me. And almost at the very same time, someone purchased me a gift subscription to Bridal Guide.

I didn’t think I needed magazines. I had the Internet, and that was good enough. So I thought.

It’s not.

Yes, we have these all on A Bride On A Budget. So you should definitely keep us bookmarked all through your wedding. But you should supplement us with a wedding magazine subscription … especially if it’s free.

Bridal Guide is amazing, but it’s $5.99 an issue at the newsstand. That’s way too much to pick up at the store every month. Right now, though, you can get a free Bridal Guide magazine subscription.
I requested all the free wedding magazines I could find. They were all so helpful for me. I was able to flip through them when I had a few minutes and look at the dresses (bridal magazines are very ad heavy, but I never minded), read an article, and just feel like…

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