A wedding is a beautiful and unforgettable affair. Wedding compliments are a way to congratulate newly-wed couples on their wonderful journey of love. 

La Belle Couture takes a look at these 5 awesome wedding compliments that brides secretly wish to hear but will never admit to. 

So beloved well-wishers, we hope this gives you a little bit of a hint on what to say for the next big day you’re attending!

Wedding Compliments for Brides #1: You Look Amazing in that Gown!

After clocking in hours of gruelling browsing and testing for the perfect wedding gown, this is one of the greatest things that brides wish to hear. Better still if you’re able to pay compliments to the intricate designs in detail. Guests are bound to make a bride blush with statements like, “wow, what pretty sequins”or “that veil is simply picture-perfect!”


If you know shades of Whites/Creams, and you can identify them, telling them how the shade matched her skin, giving a glowing look would definitely…

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