Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Wedding

Who? : Sara + Anthony

What? : Preparations, first look, portraits, ceremony, and reception all indoors at an iconic Philadelphia hotel

Where?  The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia

When? : December 2019

Winter weddings are always a bit of a gamble, aren’t they?  You’re never sure what the weather is going to be.  Will it rain?  Snow?  Be randomly super warm?  Will you get to go outside for pictures, especially since it gets so dark so very, very early?  Except for about ten minutes of quick Broad Street shots, I spent all day indoors at this exceptional Ritz with Sara and Anthony on their wedding day.  But being “stuck indoors” really isn’t a thing when the place you’re “stuck” in is the Ritz Philly!  With abundant locations for portraits, creative imagery, their ceremony, first look, and reception, I’ll get “stuck” in this space with this exceptional duo anytime!

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